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Mice Don't Taste Like Chicken • Math Lesson Plan and Worksheet by Scott Heydt

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Solve the following problems using any strategy. Remember to label your answer with the correct unit.

1. Drew and Jackson are beginning their year in September as 6th grade students at Bridgeton Elementary. 
If the year is 2009, what year will they graduate from high school (12th grade)?




Answer: ______________________________

2. In second grade, Tinkle Troy wet his pants 32 days in a row. If Tinkle Troy began his pants wetting streak on the 15th of October, what day and month did his streak end?




Answer: ______________________________

3. Hugs the boa constrictor can squeeze with a force 6 times harder than one firm handshake. If Hugs and 12 of his boa constrictor friends were “hugging” you, how many times harder than a firm handshake would they squeeze?



Answer: ______________________________

4. Prometheus, the Burmese python, is 13 feet long from snout to tail. About how many yards long is he? Using that knowledge, estimate how many pythons of Prometheus’ size you would need to lay out end to end to cover an entire 100 yard-long football field.




Answer: ______________________________

5. Mr. Cross visits the Exotic Pet Warehouse to purchase hopper mice for Ozzie, the Nile monitor. Hal, the store manager, tells Mr. Cross about a special on hoppers for today only. Each hopper is reduced from $2.20 to $1.50. Mr. Cross needs five hoppers.  How much will Mr. Cross spend to purchase the hoppers?  How much money will he save?





Answer: ______________________________

6. Flash, the painted turtle, began basking in the sun at 9:35am on Monday morning.  He didn’t return to the shade until 3 hours and 45 minutes later.  What time did he return to the shade?




Answer: _____________________________



Math Lesson Plan & Worksheet

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