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Mice Don’t Taste Like Chicken  •  Geography and Science Lesson Plan by Scott Heydt

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I. Objective

Using websites provided within the “Mr. Cross’ Critters” link of, groups of students will identify the natural habitat of the iguana, Burmese python, boa constrictor, gecko, salamander, Nile monitor, Savannah monitor, milk snake, toad, and painted turtle.

b. Given a blank world map, groups of students will construct a color-coded representation of the dispersal of these animals.

c. Using the appropriate coloring page and link from the “Mr. Cross’ Critters” page, groups of students will organize a 3-5 minute presentation focused on facts about one animal.

d. Using the completed world map, coloring page, and collected data, groups of students will present their findings.

II. Materials

a. Computers with Internet access
b. Animal Habitat Overview Sheet (1 per group)
c. Blank World Map on 11x17 paper (1 per group)
d. Coloring page of selected animal (1 per student in group)
e. Presentation rubric (1 per group)
f. Note cards
g. Colored pencils, crayons, or markers
h. Encyclopedias or atlases

III. Method

*Note:  This is a multi-day lesson plan.  Use your best judgment when assigning work time.

a. Anticipatory Set

i. Using an Averkey, computer with projector, or other web projection device, visit with students.

ii. Navigate the “Mr. Cross’ Critters” and “Games and Activities” sections of the site.  Display how students can keep this webpage open to visit other sites by opening a second tab on their web browser.

iii. Review the four lesson objectives with the class.

iv. Distribute and review the presentation rubric with the class.

v. Separate students into work groups.

b. Building Foundational Knowledge

i. Provide one copy of the Animal Habitat Overview Sheet to each group

ii. Assist where necessary as students research
1. Provide encyclopedias or atlases to students unsure of country or continent locations

iii. At an appropriate time, share the provided student World Map sample to model proficient work

iv. Assign or facilitate group selection of animal for presentation

v. Print one copy of selected animal for each group member (each will color in their own copy) from the “Games and Activities” link

vi. At your discretion, allow students to navigate outside the provided websites for further information about their animal

vii. Allow ample time for preparation of presentation
1. Share student sample of note cards and colored sheet

c. Practice and Processing

i. Assess students on presentation

ii. Allow time for peer critiques (two praises and a push)

d. Closure

i. Ask groups to complete their own copy of a rubric assessing their presentation

ii. Compare group assessment with teacher assessment

iii. Hang projects and celebrate




• World of Critters Lesson Plan

• Animal Habitat Overview Sheet

• Presentation Rubric

• World Map sample